Demo 2011

by Alaska

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released August 15, 2011

Recorded by Skylar Caporicci
All Music Written by Alaska.

Nick Strader: drums
Elliot Rivera: vocals
Tyler Kawada: bass
Joel Kirschenbaum: guitar, vocals
Cody Furin: guitar



all rights reserved


Alaska Henderson, Nevada

cave recluses crafting some fucking noise.

taking a nap

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Track Name: Bears.
Determined to piece it together but it falls apart, broken left shattered on the very floor we walk on. And for reasons I can’t accept or call my own, I am left here with a stolen life; I had no right to justify his crime. Who am I to think that things would suddenly be fixed with such actions? I had no reason to step in. he built a fortress for us, and I destroyed it to call it my own. It was for the better. The hardest part was pulling myself together, just in time to save your life. Now the body lays six feet underground. I can still hear its whispers; a familiar tone to escort the sound reason to dig deeper. Right past my failed attempts, to block out all of my mistakes. To forever release this grasp on regret I have been so longing for. In conclusion it is clear that despite all the fears, and the tears that are shed. Past mistakes won’t just wait to greet death. They will find a way to you in the end. There are just something’s you can’t let go. And I’m sorry, wont you come back home because I’m all alone. Left just what my childhood eyes lead me to believe. An image of you that’s been distorted and weathered by time, and polluted by toxins. It’s hard to believe but I still lay in deep thoughts of times when you said everything would be just fine. And everything will be fine, once I get over my pride.
Track Name: Golden.
Caught up in thoughts of someone to come along to hear me as I sink beneath the waves that consume me. You always had a way of finding me when I needed somewhere to rest my head to welcome the morning. And it seems to be I'm in desperate need of attention as I fall down to my knees. And I can't seem to catch a grip of my breath as it escapes from my body. And now nights are spent with my doors shut tight and my eyes stay awake to welcome morning light. And my hopes lay deep beneath the thought that you'll think of me when they find my body. Now I'm headed towards the scene where we shared our first...please forget my memory. I hope you don't mind as sit here with an open chest and a list of my problems and regrets for you to carry on your shoulder. I never had a problem with leaving you with such a hassle. I swore I wouldn't but I did. I'm holding on to this. This is my attempt at happiness. You can’t stop me again I’m holding on to this. I'm holding on to this.