Everything Is Fine

by Alaska

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Recorded between 6/14/13 - 6/20/13


released July 9, 2013

All songs written by Alaska

Produced / Engineered / Mastered by Sam Pura at The Panda Studios
Art layout by Cody Furin & Joel Kirschenbaum



all rights reserved


Alaska Henderson, Nevada

cave recluses crafting some fucking noise.

taking a nap

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Track Name: Shot Down The Moon
[Fade in] To a bucket exploding. [Pan out] Chasing us for our lives. Create a script to be anything could be everything but means nothing.

Because man shot down the moon. steady arms take a vow to be heading out soon. Making maps out of targets. To be or not consumed yet you're stuck in your room, swear there's nothing to do.

we function up our ties.

After all what's been unsolved is now the surface of streets.

Give me reason to fight the storm.
There's no reason for falling under.

and as if every word weren't worth repeating.
how often do you....

Lay your heart out, love has left you blind.
when it's all on the line. well just what takes up your time huh?
Monastery for the path I'm creating.
and will your life decline? or keep quiet and diy?

So Enter CAPTAIN! Be terrainian
We'll function our ties.
Track Name: Sundialing
(Let me examine the scene an apologetic suspense caught in between the cigarette box and the need to. please. I've been saving up the circuits providing electricity.)

Fall asleep constantly I refuse to sit out on life.
Tragedy found the means to confuse you and erase your mind.
I've been surrounding the though of everything but it's failing me.
beneath the surface a spark and the smoke signals start clouding up your skies.
Track Name: Even Dirt Finds Its Way Home
Knifing my self from the story in the shape of my end! Taken From Sleep. Screen the shot you've been lynching all your days over. Dessert kid, Even dirt finds it's way home. Doesn't make it more than spec of dust caught in the breeze. I'm so faded, I'm a ghost. Fade right through the couch, the couch and out the house. {Self prescribing a matinee.} Demonstrating the Phantom City you'll die within. How the outskirts of town bury me. [ISITWORTHITIFI'MSPEACHLESSWHENIGOOUT?!]
Deep rest. 'Cause if you're hesitant. wasted. You'll keep receding. Fading away. So I'll separate myself from the ground. [EMPTY WHEN THEY DISH ME OUT!] [AIRWAVES WILL ADOPT MY BODY!] [EMPTY WHEN THEY DISH ME OUT!] "I'm straight coming for you through verse of a song when nights become long.......and you just can't sleep."
Track Name: 135.9^2 mi
I shut the doors it's more than time we're dispensing.
Forcing the locks, your panic will prevent an escape.
You must live in it.

Don't keep your eyes closed because I'll follow.
Heard you've been keeping everyone drowning
You must live with it.

And the distance, I'm with it.
Catching the huntridge while it's still on fire
I keep discouraged the extinguisher.
I ring the evidence along the hall only to prove what you've been
Chasing after may dissolve.

I set the current that broke through the dam
The ghost of whoever can rest now.
A journal entry is all that remained
You forged it out of receipt transmissions.

Lie to me and say the murder team removed he clutch.
all systems go misplacements been mistouched?
Track Name: Pt. I (the sun is gone)
At what moment of time did sharp cutting motion allow decline access to the capillary (a citrus in a cemetery.) A sterile performance presented by Iron Knee. Stamp out ticket admits that you have kept no room for reaction eyes glued to attraction. Screams "off with her head!"

Self reserved a drink.
Tries to make a connection.
She's kept her feet crossed.
You're stuck on an end.

Oh what has happened to me? Well I'm just happy to be.
What has gotten in me. Would have you grinding your teeth.

Maybe I'll crawl right through your walls. Maybe I'll come up through your floor. Do silent treats chase anxiety leaving vacancy. If it fills you cut me up I am numb. I fill the gap between our atmospheres. I've seen the common goal of man.{that stare from above.} I steer the ocean clear of chemicals {I'll be riding my whip} and wipe the dirt right off your hands.

At a carnival laying skeletal bones across the lake. Don't forget where you came from or place your heart on stone. The contents to your table still need to be shown.

(Awkward distant yells) (for emotional effect)
Track Name: Pt. II (before it shines)
String along and I'll be your tape deck plays a tune in your head reservation trip to hide the explosion. So you went out of your way and rolled a gamble. Now it's the reason we say fill me a sense of satisfaction. Kill me I'll keep on breathing through this song. At the cinema! Chemical killer! Sergically restored. Castle barrier met the fist of Charlie Snow!
Stay up to carry the daze
Too week barring to win
Chris stole Christy Anne candy from Big bird and Rusty Jones.
Too cool to sleep on her own
Prestige a sick color
Alive some anthems tell us what is going on!
And the river has been holding on
It gets foggy in the fall
I'll be the first to admit that I'm a mess now
Heard you'd be coming around and around and around
Track Name: Dead Creatures
Head flew out the truck! "He said he's stuck, I let him feel the breeze." A howl echoes through Frankton. The owl gained inheritance of leading her on. Do creatures inhabit your arm?

\\++//And\\the//<ROBOTIC.ROMANTIC>\\ tendencies //\\ Stationed the next street across. While his <SPACESHIP> \\is taking off//

...she will carry....what she carries on.....

I fell for the same<>telling the machine
trading friends for pleasure.<>but she takes the lead.
unrecalled the name<X2>
over see the pressure<>THATS BEEN TAKING IT'S HOLD

Is one month of fun<<<->>>Now's your chance to go!
EL ADOBE homes?<<<->>>Takes the best of me
Some may call it fiction fact is the armor's getting old.


stationed the next street, a cross._____+_____
Track Name: Far
They are watching closely at shadowy figures following every move for leverage. Whip lash took the best of them. Suction cups couldn't steal the air I breathe. Common doors where sickness latched onto the walls of dying man were brushed off by the idea of falling in deeper than the sergical degree of the mind you tried to erase. All become suspects to accomplice. Parents stand defeated not knowing their own strength. Every man will have I.T.S. day. The cold mixed with the wild crating the villainous pretension of antagony. Her anxiety takes more than filling gaps. More than scratching backs. There is more in the way that I walk! There is more in these pain chambered eyes. A passive setting to agree on which color is brightest. There is no reason for causing blindness for any greater good. Greater good ceases to exist. I hail from better than greater or greatest. Locomotive mindsets took their steel carving stitches across the nation, and the sons and the daughters brought up from it. The generation of the bucket list has emptied. (And you are all gonna die)

Don't frame me to be in an empty hall of fame portrayed and framed, portray and frame me to be in an empty hall of fame.
You picked your poison. Told us how much it burns. A heart with a constant struggle is no reason to skip a turn.
You picked your poison. Told us how much it burns.
My world is an orphan. I'm 'bout to set it in motion!

Headlight reaction! Foots left the ground! [I'll catch your fall]
Offer anesthesia! Numb the pain you feel! [and carry it]

We've come too far to just settle.
Hide behind your mirror prove that I'm alive.
Heard that you are stable oh delicate. Delicate.
Track Name: The Weather Is Worse Than Before
The weather is worst than before as if you couldn't tell yet. How's it feel underneath? Pass the time maybe it will be forgotten. Look at me I'm a thief? I'm a thief.

(Carry me)

Pulling me! You're pulling me from sleeping on the pavement. Surround myself with blood and take a bow!

(Some place far)

The junction needs conducting! Found you scraping razors to your face like "why would we bother!?"

Lock the door sinking in the plans are underneath!

Since we knew to pick up we could walk.

And Stella is out again stiffly dancing away from the back of her head. Keeping honest but not saying much about how death ate away at her stomach. Holds a fear, I am here. I am here.
Don't put the nail to the cough man!
Just leave a rose at our door.
I am here
I am here.

I'll hold back! Yes! I'll hold back the sun!
Pack your bags and tell them all to run!
Full disaster when we try to chase the day away!
I'll hold back! Yes! I'll hold back the sun...
Empire State but don't tell anyone!
I'll chase after! The feelings never gone!