The Summer I Joined The Harlem Globetrotters Split EP

by Alaska

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Tracks 1 and 3 by Alaska
Tracks 2 and 4 by Oranges

A lot of work was put into this split, and it would mean a lot if you could donate whatever you like for the cd. Any money goes towards helping us with gas on the road, merch, etc.

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released July 10, 2012

All Music by: Alaska // Oranges
Recorded by Skylar Caporicci



all rights reserved


Alaska Henderson, Nevada

cave recluses crafting some fucking noise.

taking a nap

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Track Name: Kiteflyer
Curious to find in eastern night lit a torch hidden from sight making it hard to coast along the desert skies. You know sometimes I feel mountains impostor borders, they're keeping us inside.Keep your eyes focused. We're only getting by. You wear a smile for them, but don't let them inside. Deceived is what we are, the fallen stars.We shoot out when it gets dark. They watch and wish to come along. Somewhere out there we'll fall apart. We'll learn as we float along. Then he sailed the skies again wondering if anyone would witness. There he lay alone in bed patiently for anyone to call. They never seem to find the time but I don't mind it. Distracted and preoccupied they've forgotten. We must remind them. Curious you hidden deep inside the desert. I've heard so much about you. Curious you pack your bags in August weather. I bet you'd really like to. Let expectation rest. I'm only here for conversation. Wait before you go to sleep at home just for the night.
Track Name: Oranges - Jackie Chan, Around the World in 80 Days
Challenge heard, as the pressure is mounting I try to restrain my hands. Seems poised to follow lines both far and wide.

Long road ahead!

...but we’re covering ground.
There I was, fighting once again,
throwing punches for scientist friends.
That’s why I’m all alone, you know.
Just know that I have your back.

These subjective times,
Your ignoring your crimes.
When was I ever on time?
Here you stand in accordance of public opinion we just don’t stand!

I always try to plan my way out sharply.
Seems now we’re passing countries all at once
and I can’t seem to retrace any of these lines.
Would you ever?

I seem too misconstrued now.
This ocean seems so vast now.
Now that this journeys ending

Why would I try anytime?
Track Name: Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money
Grab my coat walk out the door quietly so no one knows. Behind the fence we told them both to look before we climbed over.

But I don't think you know, I'll fall asleep on your floor waiting for the day you make the "Grand Return." {Signal the cue for the no-show!} Guess this means I must go too.

The masses have turned their eyes from us. They didn't even listen, never listening. We watched stars fall replaced by satellites, which is why I listen always listening.

And when they come crashing down we'll go without making a sound. Avoid the empty faces crafting pointless conversations. We'll watch as the city drowns. I don't want to know. I don't want to know. Don't tell me how it goes. Don't tell me how it goes. We've been drowning all along. Chose to ignore the symptoms of the illness in our lungs.

I'll be there in the morning. "I'm sorry sir you've missed your cue. He left this note for you. Says he'll return in the morning. Seems he's missed you too. Had something to do."

Please excuse my leave of absence. I must go alone.

- kiteflyer.

I'll fall asleep on your floor, but I don't think you'll listen. Are you listening? We'll sail the skies like before.
Track Name: Oranges - If Only You Were President
In a deceptive turn of events that would last me into this very grave. Interruptions come as we sit and he’s crowding his words with his lies.
My last chance to be runner up has been taken by you.
There is no stance to guide you.

Amendments thrown to go recover the ballot.
Now it seems the count is minutes away.
Since all you’ve done is taken states laws for granted.
I’ll be sure to take your life.
Now pause in an act to prevent and devert my plans. sir…
Understand why I can’t win.
Because of states laws we’re at it again.
To block all attempts at power again.
(The morning has come. It's aiming its gun.
It's digging a hole we believe must be dug.)

New Jersey, where laws can't track us down for this next morning.
Don't be losing sleep.
Take the lead, I'll stand here just to watch you fall back to the ground.
(And your head will collide, I'll approach right before...)

I would survive once yet again to reprimand the conscience who try to pretend.
it seems that all of my political rivals have vanished into the smoke that fills the air.
You would fall and die.
(And I will come to realize. The world is wide for you and I. For you and I the world is wide.)