by Alaska

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This is our follow up to our first demo release. We had these songs floating around for awhile before we realized we had the means of recording them on our own. We're pretty proud of how they came out. We recorded all of these songs during the month of January 2012. Aside from the help of our friends to shout some stuff and some help mastering we did this all on our own. Hope it doesn't suck.


released March 27, 2012

Recorded @ Alaska house Jan 2012
Tracked and Mixed by Nick Strader
Mastered by Micheal York
Photo for Album Cover by Caity Dudley
Album Art by Cody Furin and Joel Kirschenbaum

All songs Written by Alaska



all rights reserved


Alaska Henderson, Nevada

cave recluses crafting some fucking noise.

taking a nap

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Track Name: palcaptain
I walked a long way home today. Just to make some time before I leave this all behind. Just to follow the same old path that leads to the aftermath of verdicts I’ve hosted. Oh happiness where is it that you nest? I can’t seem to find you. And I will have to fight with nothing by my side, but the will to stay alive. Oh the will is going blind. Where this trail will trace is much better than this place. Nothing can outweigh my want to get away. As December draws near where do they go? It’s what I want to know. It’s where I want to be. What happened to all the smiles, and the laughter? I can’t abide without them. I will visit their very place. Just a step is all it takes. “All eyes on me.”
Track Name: Graveyards
Watch me as I indulge myself into melancholy mindsets I can’t see myself to overcome. Feet planted on rooftop edges with the worst intentions. And have you been chasing all the tire swing dreams? And as autumn approached you held back from making believe. Star crossed landings. I’ll follow you home, swallow you whole. I’m taking control. Evening lighting aligning the avenue, laughter heard only when you’re alone. If attention is all that I ask for why’s it nothing has changed since the day I caught yours? Though the night it collapsed on your grave I remember the last things you saidbefore spreading your wings to take flight, grand finale to ill-fated lives. I’ll visit the depths of your mind, memories that haunt you insides. A blind spot the naked eyes, the same eyes that ignored all your cries have no problem with sleeping at night. With regret and respect I construct my goodbye.
Track Name: Oakbuff
Pacing these steps I seem to forget where I went wrong. I'm suddenly, so desperate for answers that don't seem to come along. Please, I'm struggling to find any reason. I have given into these beliefs; the day we meet we'll fall asleep and live in dreams that branch out from the soil we reside on. And oh, how the day will be conquered, and we'll sit here just to admire. Sights of sunsets we've spent so much time on, I assure you they will never fall. But they all fall down. I'm pacing these steps as I recollect why I'm stuck in this mess. Why I love these broken stairs, torn up jeans from wanting a reaction. The high school fields, this is where, I'll meet you there. This is why I try. I am sitting on sidewalks I'm burning. I'm surprised that you came along. My concern is my words won't defraud me,as I offer you my world. In your hands it will settle. It's roots entangled with your veins. Nightly I'll await your kiss, delighted that we're both in this without a question. Side by side we'll fall asleep; hand in hand we'll wait for death to show itself. But the truth prevents this from happening.
Track Name: Settlements
Did you see their faces, disappointed and lifeless? Were you there to witness the scene? Were you there to provide comfort, or to finish the job you started? Oh please finish the job you started. I’ll sit here and wait patiently. Impatient I sit. What’s the use if words are slowly growing dull? And as I climb in (through your old window) I fall upon the mask that you once wore. Is it not enough that I give a fuck? And I know that it’s too muchso for now we’ll keep in touch. And I know that it’s too much yet I try. And your intentions were good. They were just misunderstood. And If I could then I would. Yes, I would visit your grave. See your smile is the same. Put to rest all the shame. And forget that day. So just find a place we’ll hide away forever. I’ll keep you safe we’ll leave this place behind and run.
Track Name: Vineyards
You kept it. You kept it, kept it in the core of your throat and swallowed whole, and swallowed. And as you fell to the floor, who was there to help you restore the life that you’ve been needing the most? You meant it. You meant it. You built it up and lost control. So pick right up and watch the setting unroll. Back to the start in that vacant parking lot, the one you swore you forgot. And tell me how does it feel to know your words you speak are furthest from real? Now that your faced is revealed tell me how does it feel? And everything you defend doesn’t matter in the end. Your life is broken instead, a puncture too difficult to mend. So tell me,where the hell do we go from here? So show mewhat to do when the time comes near. Embrace it. Embrace.

(I’ve been walking a long way home today.) Just to kill the time I had. Just prove that I was glad to take the path we took, and stood through all the strain endured. Because tomorrow holds happiness it’s just a matter of finding it. It’s there! It’s there! It’s everywhere. I woke up and saw that the sky eventually falls into night. Oh what a majestic sight. The darkness lead me to center of your dreams. And I can finally convey that I’m sorry. So follow through, I’ll follow you. ‘Cause they can’t do what we can do. We’ll refine the mess we’ve made. Because frankly I’m through with running away.